Like millions of news junkies, I am guilty of addictively breaking the cardinal rule of traversing the modern media landscape: Never read the comments section.

I am a glutton for amateur legal analysis and misspelled sedition. Regardless of the site or its political leanings, I inevitably skim the lede and scroll through the NSFW ads promising “I won’t believe what this weather girl did on Live TV” to that battleground of the Keyboard Elite Tactical Teams to read the back and forth.

And while I am often discouraged that the strife on display represents a further polarization amongst our political…

For our family, 2018 was a momentous one. A Christmas baby at the very tail end of 2017, a new business venture, an active and amazing three-nager, and health scares with close family members and friends, all led to an exciting albeit scary year.

With so much going on, longterm goals were put to the wayside as we attempted to keep the ship afloat and all of the passengers in good spirits.

Thankfully, the baby is now one and less of a terror. The three-year-old is still terrifying but in fun…

This past week, two big things happened in my life to cause me some reflection.

First, my wife and I started watching Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix. Like so many others both new to the KonMari method and those of us who have been through the process before and try to live it each day, we ransacked our drawers with consideration and deliberation to purge our lives of those things not sparking joy in our lives.

While our pile of garbage bags destined for the thrift store or eBay was…

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Two years ago, after a particularly hard couple of months, I came down with a pretty bad case of stress-induced Shingles … on my face!

In addition to a strong anti-viral to combat the disease, my doctor gave me two options: take some strong medication to combat my anxiety or begin to take control of it on my own with the help of a counselor.

I elected for the latter.

With her help, I began to take stock of the elements in my life that were literally making my nerves explode through my skin.

In a good bit of serendipity…


That is the word many would use to express their feelings toward the news, technology, social media and their physical alerts that manifest themselves as constant *dings” or buzzes that interrupt the peace we so try to cultivate when exploring a minimalist life.

For those of us over the age of 25, it is astounding to think that a four or five-inch hunk of glass, metal, and plastic manages so much of our daily lives including our careers, family, and friendships and that there was ever a time when we didn’t have it even though we may nostalgically yearn…

One of my rules this month is to consume media I enjoy and limit the TV shows, magazines, blogs and other media that either satiates or, at worse, irritates me.

With that spirit in mind, I’ve dove into great books and journals like Dr. Henry Marsh’s “Do No Harm,” Mockingbird Quarterly and am currently reading Pope Francis’ “The Name of God is Mercy.” I’ve also watched movies and shows that I both enjoy and challenge me to consider the goals of this endeavor and my past and current attitudes. …

In this project, I know I need to delicately cull the negative and positive individuals I find around me. This involves retaining friendships with the negative but not allowing them to affect me the way they have in the past. As James Rebanks wrote: “

More importantly, I want to follow the lead of the people I see striving to lead positive, thoughtful lives.

Of those people, the person I though of first is Win Bassett. Win and I are old college friends and he was…

As a college freshman, I enrolled in Logic 101. “Finally, a class to help me affirm my aptitude at making winning arguments!” I thought.

In the second class of the semester, they unveiled the formulas.

Math (or anything resembling it) has always been one of my greatest allergies, so I dropped the course and explored a different philosophical course not so heavy in objective principles.

Looking back on it now, I can see that a greater understanding of the principles of logic would probably have helped me avoid many of the relationship pitfalls I’ve experienced as an adult.


Today, I’m thinking back on past months where I made a pseudo promise to stay positive and can recall nothing but joyous, calm times as compared to what I am experiencing this week.

Perhaps it is the commitment to share my progress with the wider world that is allowing every single nuisance, deadline or miscommunication to aggravate me beyond measure (and line the pockets of PBS!), but I am not doing very well so far.

An avalanche of projects with very specific tasks, potential baby sickness, an almost Blue Cross nightmare which turned out to just be a scare and…

Earlier this year, I read one of the most influential books of my life. In The Shepherd’s Life, author James Rebanks lays out the life he has built for himself as a shepherd working and living in the traditions of his ancestors in the British Lake District.

Early in the book, upon remembering his grandfather, he reminisces on and lists the lessons his grandfather taught him above all others:

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Greg Behr

Communications pro. Event manager. Minimalism blogger.

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